About this Site

switching.software is a grassroots website, that is trying to let people know about ethical and easy-to-use alternatives to well-known websites, apps and other software.

Following this site

You can follow switching.software on the Fediverse via our Mastodon account. Other channels may follow in the future.

Origin of this site

Switching.software is a fork of a former website known as ‘switching.social’. It was created and maintained by an anonymous person and gained popularity in 2018 and 2019 - especially on the Fediverse.

In September 2019, the author took down all social media channels and the website itself. There hasn’t been any statement by them ever since. No matter the reasons, we want to thank them a lot for what they have achieved with this project - and wish them well.

To keep the project alive, the site was restored from different sources - resulting in a bunch of HTML pages. Since then, a loose team of enthusiasts has started a fork based on the original articles. We want to maintain and improve the project. Progress on this endeavor can be seen in our repository.

The content of this site and of ‘switching.social’ is available under a Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike 4.0 Licence.

If you use it, please remember to give proper credit to this site, switching.software, and link to the license. We, in turn, will always give credit to the original site ‘switching.social’.


This site collects no data on its visitors. There are no analytics, no cookies and no trackers involved.