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If you want to support this site, here are some things you can do.

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Recommend this website and its alternatives to friends that might be interested.

Proofread our site

This site is quite large and we are only a few persons working on it in our spare time. So, whenever you see outdated information, non-working links, typos or similar things, please let us know via our contact form, Mastodon account or issue tracker.

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Our site is only as good as the alternatives it has to offer. If you think a project is on the right track, give them your support. This doesn’t have to be financially. Often a helping hand on documentation, translations, discussions, artwork etc. is even more helpful. Something as simple as a motivating personal e-mail to the author may help a lot.

Contribute on

If you have (or create) an account on Codeberg, check out our website repository and the open issues. Feel free to participate in discussions and open new issues for errors, outdated information or proposals concerning this website.